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Industrial workplaces carry a higher risk of catastrophic injury or death than other jobs.

This is because these environments are often busy to the point of chaotic, filled with heavy equipment and vehicles that create blind spots, pinch points, and other hazards that pose massive risk to men and women on the worksite. While the risk of injury is higher, the companies responsible for the worksites rarely take their responsibility for protecting those on the site seriously.  Instead they simply check the box on canned “safety training” that they cram into early-morning meetings or during a thirty minute lunch break.  Perhaps they don’t take their obligation for protecting lives more seriously because they know they can’t be held responsible if their own employees are catastrophically injured or killed on the worksite.

In Virginia, like many other states, a person that is injured, or even killed, on a worksite is prohibited from suing their employer, and their only recourse is to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim which does not cover the value of pain or the suffering that results in the injury or death of a worker.  But, those same companies are responsible when they hurt or kill individuals that are on-site as customers, to provide service to the company, or a host of other reasons.

Examples of industrial environments where workplace accidents may occur:

  • Construction Sites
  • Factories
  • Mines
  • Warehouses
  • Oil Rigs
  • Shipyards 

The Breit Cantor team has helped many injured workers and their families recover physically, emotionally, and financially. To learn how we can help you recover from a life-changing workplace injury or loss of a loved one, contact one of our attorneys today. We can help you understand your options for claiming compensation from those responsible for your loss. Together, by holding the responsible companies and employers accountable for their actions, we may also help prevent the same or similar industrial accidents from harming others in the future.

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