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Have you been seriously injured in a boating or maritime accident, either on the open sea, in a harbor, or on any other navigable body of water? Come to Breit Cantor Grana Buckner to work with a full team of Virginia maritime accident lawyers who have been representing injured seaman and maritime workers for more than 40 years. Our lawyers routinely pursue claims on behalf of longshoremen, harbor workers, shipyard workers, and others who work with or around water vessels. We understand the complexities of maritime injury cases, such as how the Jones Act may or may not affect each case. We work tirelessly to secure maximum compensation for our clients because they deserve it.

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Types of Maritime Accident Cases We Handle

We can handle all types of maritime accident cases. Our Virginia maritime accident attorneys offer compassionate, personalized legal guidance and aggressive advocacy—both in and out of the courtroom.

We have secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our maritime clients in a wide variety of maritime litigation, including:

  • General maritime law
  • Jones act cases
  • Unseaworthiness
  • Wrongful death
  • Vessel sinking
  • Maintenance and cure
  • Crane accidents
  • Recreational boating accidents
  • Unsafe working conditions

Our legal team works directly with capable experts in all relevant admiralty fields, including marine safety and industry regulations, OSHA regulations, marine engineering, seaworthiness, vessel navigation, rigging, and crane operations to name a few.

Longshoreman Accident Claims Managed with Care & Compassion

If you are employed as a longshoreman, you are required to spend each working day on and around vessels, docks, shores, and other areas of high water traffic. Your work with loading and rigging ships and cargo does not qualify you for coverage under the Jones Act, but the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) does apply. The LHWCA should provide you with financial and medical benefits in the event of an accident.

A few examples of longshoreman accidents and health concerns are:

  • Crating accidents
  • Heavy equipment failures
  • Crane and cable accidents
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Struck by falling objects

Although the LHWCA should act like workers’ compensation and give you benefits regardless of liability for your longshoreman accident, things are rarely that simple. The circumstances of your accident may cause it to technically not be covered by the LHWCA. Or, in a more likely situation, the responding insurance party may try to deny or minimize your damages. It is also possible that your own employer will try to deter you from reporting your accident. Get our Virginia longshoreman accident lawyers on your side to confidently progress your claim from start to finish.

Shipping Crate Accidents at Sea or Harbor

One of the most common types of maritime and longshoreman accidents involve shipping crates and the cranes that lift them into place. Massive rectangular shipping crates are used on a variety of seafaring vessels, especially large international freighters. When the crates are not secured or loaded properly, they can shift out of place, posing a serious crush injury hazard. Rough seas can cause shipping crates to come loose, but crating accidents are also likely to occur in harbors where cargo work is being completed.

Were you severely injured in a shipping crate accident in a Virginia harbor, like Newport Harbor, or while working on the Atlantic? Did you lose a loved one in a crating accident and want to seek justice in their name? Call (855) 212-8200 to connect with Breit Cantor Grana Buckner right away.

We Take Watersports Injury Claims

Some maritime accidents are less related to business and more related to pleasure, such as watersports accidents. Our attorneys represent consumers and athletes like you who have been injured while participating in a watersport or while using watersport equipment, like a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or See-Doo. If you are hurt by no fault of your own, then you should file a claim against the party liable for your injuries.

Jet Ski accidents and other watersport accident may be caused by:

  • Reckless riders: Other watersport participants who are not familiar with their watercraft could cause it to speed out of control, crashing into others. There is also the possibility that the person who collided with you was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which would spike their liability if proven.
  • Negligent rental companies: Businesses that rent Jet Skis and other forms of recreational watercraft must only provide rentals to people who are fit to use it. Renting to someone who is intoxicated or quite young, for example, is negligent and placed liability for any consequent accident on the rental company.
  • Defective products: Some of the worst watersport accidents are caused by product defects. For example, a Jet Ski with a defective accelerator could cause a serious accident if the rider tries to accelerate slowly but launches out of control instead.

Why Choose Breit Cantor?

Jeffrey Breit, head of our firm’s maritime practice group, is a national leader in maritime law. He was appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill disaster, one of the most complex maritime cases ever litigated. Supported by our entire team of skilled personal injury attorneys, Jeffrey has been able to secure millions of dollars on behalf of injured maritime workers and their families.

As with all our practice areas, we handle maritime cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we are entitled to collect a fee only if we are able to recover a verdict or settlement on your behalf. In the unlikely event that we do not secure compensation for you, you do not owe us anything.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a maritime accident, contact the Virginia maritime accident attorneys of Breit Cantor at (855) 212-8200 for a free consultation.

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