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Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents Sexual Abuse and Battery Lawsuit

 If you or someone you know has suffered sexual abuse or battery while under the care of Cumberland Hospital or Dr. DavidowBreit Cantor can help.

Breit Cantor has filed a multi-count civil lawsuit with the Richmond Circuit Court on behalf of 20 plaintiffs alleging they suffered sexual abuse and battery while under the care of the Cumberland Children’s Hospital for Children and Adolescents. The suit claims that all 20 instances of abuse and battery occurred over a period of twelve years, from 2008-2020. 

Named in the lawsuit besides Cumberland Hospital are its owner, Universal Health Services (UHS) and two physicians, Herschel “Mickey” Harden, a psychotherapist, and Daniel N. Davidow, MD, a pediatrician and formerly the Medical Director of the hospital. 

If you believe you or someone you know may be a survivor of sexual abuse from Cumberland Hospital, Herschel “Mickey” Harden, and/or Daniel N. Davidow, MD, Breit Cantor can help you navigate your legal options.

The lawsuit contends that Dr. Davidow inappropriately touched young female patients during routine admissions exams, 12 of whom are represented in this suit. “We have heard from children and parents that when no parent or other advocate was in the room, Dr. Davidow would say he needed to feel the female patients’ femoral pulse, located on their upper inner thighs, and he did so with the knowledge of some staff,” says attorney Kevin Biniazan. “Our experts in pediatrics say touching the femoral pulse during a regular exam is completely unnecessary.” 

The lawsuit also alleges that the hospital misrepresented the quality of its care and the adequacy of its staff and therefore failed to protect the health and safety of its patients. This includes the safety of eight additional plaintiffs who suffered sexual abuse and battery from other patients. 

Furthermore, the plaintiffs contend that Drs. Davidow and Harden, as well as Cumberland Hospital and UHS, sought to reduce costs and maximize profits by maintaining inadequate staffing, fraudulently keeping patients beyond the necessary time for treatment and attempting to furnish services. 

The multi-count suit, which alleges assault and battery, negligence, fraud, reckless disregard and violations of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, seeks $127-million in total damages (about $6 million per plaintiff) against the parties for bodily injuries, physical pain and mental anguish, disfigurement, future lost earnings and other damages including medical expenses. The plaintiffs are requesting a jury trial.

Each of the  20 plaintiffs in this suit deserves to have a dedicated and experienced legal advocate like Breit Cantor that will stand up on their behalf. If you or someone you know has suffered sexual abuse or battery while under the care of Cumberland Hospital or Dr. Davidow, you deserve the same. Feel free to contact our office for more information.

“This is a facility that turned patients into prisoners, that turned young children who were going in there for hope for the care that they were told that they would receive to get better. Sexual abuse survivors who were told that this is the place where they would get the therapy so that they could move on and heal with their lives, only to be re-traumatized by the same abuse that got them there,” said attorney Kevin Biniazan speaking about the $114 million lawsuit that Breit Cantor filed yesterday on behalf of 18 plaintiffs alleging sexual and physical abuse.

Biniazan continued, “I can tell you that there isn’t a dollar sign or an amount of money that any of our clients, or any other patient that has been to Cumberland Hospital, would trade to have never gone there. Ultimately they want to hold somebody accountable because nothing could ever make up for the time that they lost and the trauma that they have suffered there.”

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