Three Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Joseph L. CantorJune 29, 2017

The number of commercial truck accidents each year is somewhat disproportionate to the number of actual semis and 18-wheelers out on America’s highways. It seems that if a trucker makes a single mistake while among traffic, the result will more than likely be a collision. But what is causing these mistakes? Is it really just truck driver error? Understanding some of the most common causes of truck accidents could potentially help you avoid them in the future.

Here are three commonly cited reasons for a truck accident:

  • Truck driver fatigue: Did you know that truck drivers are usually scheduled 14-hour shifts with 11 of those hours spent behind the wheel? Not to mention that truckers often need to travel long hours just to get to the depot and back again. The result is many truckers feeling extremely exhausted, especially at the beginning and end of shifts. As it is known that fatigue cuts down a person’s reaction time significantly, it is unfortunately not a surprise to find that truck driver exhaustion is to blame for numerous truck accidents each day across the nation.
  • Defective brakes: A large semi-truck or big rig will put plenty of stress on its braking system due to its massive weight. Without proper maintenance that comes at a routine schedule, the brakes can fail without warning while the truck is in motion. An out-of-control truck can travel miles before its momentum slows to a stop, slamming into smaller vehicles along the way.
  • Overloaded cargo: Even the freight crews who load up commercial trucks need to mindful when completing their job duties. If not, they could potentially overload the trailer, or stack cargo in a way that creates a serious imbalance in the load. The result can be trucks that tip over in a gust of wind, or while winding a corner. Overloaded trucks also put even more pressure on the braking system, which could result in brake failure.

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