Most Common Sources of Car Accident Fatalities in Virginia

M. Scott BucciSeptember 25, 2018

Developments in Virginia Car Accident Statistics

The most recent roadway accident statistics from Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles suggest that Virginia’s roads are becoming increasingly more dangerous. The latest DMV report shows a number of surprising advances, including:

  • 10.8% increase in roadway fatalities
  • 48.6% increase in motorcycle fatalities
  • 30% increase in bicycle fatalities

There also appear to be a handful of concerning trends regarding fatal accidents:

  • Interstate vs. Non-Interstate: Interstates and highways are typically viewed as being more dangerous. However, only 14% percent of all roadway fatalities in 2017 occurred on the highway, while 86% of deadly accidents occurred on other roadways.
  • Senior Citizens vs. Teenagers: Teenage drivers are often hailed as the most dangerous drivers and the most likely to die due to reckless driving. However, the total number of teenager drivers who died at the wheel was a mere 13% of the number of fatalities involving drivers over the age of 60.
  • Reckless Driving vs. Failure to Heed Traffic Signs: Though speeding, texting while driving, and driving while drunk tend to be viewed as the most careless traffic offenses, they didn’t even make it into the top 3 causes of roadway fatalities in Virginia in 2017, which include failure to yield, following too close, and improper lane change.

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