Irv Cantor co-authors The Art and Science of Mastering the Jury Trial

Courtney SweasyApril 2, 2015

Breit Cantor Grana Buckner’s President and trial attorney Irv Cantor and Judge Samuel Johnston have written The Art and Science of Mastering the Jury Trial. The book is published by Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation and should assist the user in preparing for a jury trial, trying a case before a jury, and the actions that need to be taken post-trial. There will be moments where one faces a question or dilemma not anticipated during the preparation for the trial. The authors have included some scenarios designed to heighten awareness of, and reaction to, those “unknown” problems that arise and increase the likelihood of a proper response, and in some trials actually “save the case.” There will be vignettes throughout the book which illustrate many of the dilemmas that often arise in jury trials. This book is as much a “how not to” as it is a “how to” guide through the labyrinth known as a “jury trial.” Read more and/or purchase.


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