How do Motorcycle Accidents Result in Burn Injuries?

Jeffrey BreitFebruary 24, 2020

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most disastrous types of collisions. Ejection can occur, removing riders from their motorcycles, resulting in traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage. Not everyone recognizes how motorcycle accidents can result in another type of catastrophic injuries: burns.

Burn injuries can leave those who suffer harm dealing with the pain from the burn, the physical disfigurement, and more. Below, we’ll detail two different ways in which a motorcycle can result in a burn injury.

Thermal Burns

The components on a motorcycle can heat up significantly. Most motorcyclists are safe and know how to avoid these parts to protect themselves. However, in a crash, it is not always possible for riders to avoid these heated components on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents can include sideswipe collisions. For instance, a car merges lanes without looking and runs into a motorcyclist. The impact can cause the rider’s leg to touch the exhaust, and the motorcyclist may suffer a thermal burn.

Friction Burns

One of the most common types of friction burns is road rash. Motorcyclists should wear protective gear while riding to shield them from such injuries, but this doesn’t always happen. When a crash occurs, and the motorcyclist falls off his or her bike, road rash is a common injury without protective gear.

The rider’s skin creates friction with the ground’s surface. Typically, this is cement, gravel, or other rough surfaces that create significant abrasions (or scrapes) along the rider’s skin. While it may appear as multiple cuts, the redness around the area indicates a significant friction burn.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are safe on the road. It’s often the actions of other drivers and their negligence that causes motorcycle accidents to occur. When this happens, the injured rider can take legal action against the responsible party.

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