Grana to moderate NBI seminar: What Civil Court Judges Want You to Know

Courtney SweasyNovember 10, 2010

About this Seminar: Reach a Civil Litigation Resolution as Quickly as Possible – With Insight From the Bench

When was the last time that you had an easy and convenient way to spend a day with the judges you come before – and hear their thoughts on the law, on legal practices and on personal likes and dislikes in their courtrooms? This unique program has been designed to give you the chance to interact directly with your local civil litigation judges – and ask them the questions that are on your mind. You’ll gain insights that will help you to customize your presentation to each judge’s specific likes and dislikes, discuss what juries think about trial attorneys – and learn ways to reconcile them with the fact that they are leaving their normal lives to help decide your cases. Take this day to listen, learn and get the answers to the questions that you have wanted to ask a civil court judge!


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